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Sober Housing in Linthicum Heights, MD

Stepping Stones Recovery Houses is a network of sober living facilities where residents receive the support of an experienced staff and a community of individuals who have committed to positive personal changes. At our sober housing in Linthicum Heights, MD, you can be part of a program of ongoing recovery that fills you with the serenity of feeling free from your addiction. We are located on the local bus line and the MARC Light Rail, close to BWI Airport and job opportunities.

In early sobriety, it is crucial that you surround yourself with positive influences in an environment that fosters your personal growth. Together, we share our experiences and encourage each other to stay on track toward a better life.

However far down you feel your addiction took you, there is hope as long as you are willing to take the first step. Our sober living houses in Maryland connect you with the resources you need to enact meaningful changes that prepare you to accept life on life’s terms.  

Contact us for more information. We operate sober living facilities throughout Maryland.