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Get the support you need while in our sober housing program

After you complete treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, the next greatest hurdle is finding the support you need to continue a sober lifestyle. In some cases, transitioning back home can be a higher risk of relapse especially if your new lifestyle is not entirely supported. Rather than moving back home and running the risk of undoing months of hard work, transitioning into sober housing could provide the resources you need to continue a healthy life.

Why Recovery Support is Necessary

Treatment doesn’t end when you walk out of the rehab facility. Recovery is a life-long effort and moving into sober housing can be the next step to continuing your new lifestyle. Receiving support in the early days of sober living is crucial to continuing on the path laid out for you in treatment. Having a support system in place will allow you to build upon that foundation, regain your confidence, and learn or re-learn skills that had once brought you joy.

Every day could put a recovering addict at risk for relapse. When you choose to stay in sober housing, you’ll receive the benefit of their monitoring program, which allows you to work with a coach throughout your residency. Testing also occurs regularly in sober living, which helps keep you on track and ensures that you do not break any of the house rules during your stay.

You and your coach will work together to develop short and long-term goals for your new life. They’ll help you develop a healthy support network, career goals, confidence, and therapy for a variety of physical and emotional conditions. When you choose to live in sober housing, you’re choosing to overcome fears, gain strength, and create hope.

At Stepping Stones Recovery Houses, we work with a variety of facilities to ensure that you receive the best care and support outlets while in our sober housing program. We offer comfortable residences in a variety of locations in Maryland, and our staff is full of highly supportive in-house managers and members. If you or a loved one is interested in our sober living facilities, contact us today at (888) 513-0222.