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Welcoming Sober Living Houses in Frederick, MD

When you’re exiting a rehabilitation program, you will need support to transition back into your regular life. Thankfully, there are sober living houses in Frederick, MD, that are available. These facilities offer structured environments that help people who are recovering from drug programs. They are a great stepping stone for individuals who are on their way to making the return to mainstream society.

Stepping Stones Recovery Houses has a living environment that is open to people who are recovering from substance abuse. This home is very inviting and near public transportation. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our sober living housing facility.

Job Opportunities

Not only do we help you continue learning how to live a normal life after recovering from drug abuse, but we also help you land a job. Our sober living house is close to many businesses that you can visit to inquire about work. It is within walking distance of restaurants and other businesses.

Contact us for more information about our sober living house. It is open to individuals in and near Frederick, MD, who are recovering from substance abuse.