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Tips for Staying Sober After Leaving a Halfway House in Annapolis, MD

Finding your sobriety is the first, wonderful step you can take towards improving your life and the lives of your loved ones. After leaving one of the halfway houses in Annapolis, MD, the last thought on your mind is having a relapse. The unfortunate truth is that upwards of 80% of people on their path to long-term sobriety have a relapse at some point in their journey. Your willpower might be strong, but it takes more than that to keep addiction at bay. If you are truly serious about maintaining your sobriety, there are steps you can take to help along the way.

Make Some Life Changes

While staying at halfway houses in Annapolis, MD, might have gotten you out of a routine, it’s important to not fall back into your old routine after you leave. Old haunts and friends might tempt you back into the very thing from which you just broke free. Instead, find new places to hang out and new friends to hang out with. Joining a support group is one good way to meet new people.

Get Physically Active

The stress of everyday life can easily trigger a relapse if you aren’t careful, as can boredom. Exercise is the perfect way to fill gaps in time. It actively reduces stress and can help you build a new, healthy routine. And once you start seeing tangible results, you’ll realize you have newfound control over your life, which will improve your self-esteem and help you feel better in general.

Do Some Soul Searching

After leaving one of Annapolis’s halfway houses, you might be struggling with the weight of guilt and shame. Addiction doesn’t just harm the self; it harms those we care about as well. If you are housing negative feelings about past behaviors or have negative thoughts about yourself, these are detractors that can lead to a relapse. Though it might be difficult, it’s imperative that you find ways to make amends to those who suffered from your addiction alongside you. Seek forgiveness from them. Only then can you start to forgive yourself.