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The Purpose of Halfway Houses in Maryland

It’s not an easy to thing to confront an addiction, defeat it, and make significant improvements in your life at the same time. It’s nearly impossible to do on your own.

That’s where our halfway houses in Maryland come into the picture. We provide a supportive environment where you can face drug addiction or substance abuse problems surrounded by people that know what recovery takes and that want you to succeed. That is the purpose of the halfway houses we operate at Stepping Stones Recovery Houses.

We run these houses as residences where you can feel at home and benefit from structure and stability in your life. Most people who are overcoming an addiction have greater levels of success when they are backed by aftercare programs, employment opportunities, and spiritual groups. Our houses are situated in locations that give all of our clients access to these services and facilities.

As our name applies, we see our halfway houses as stepping stones to complete recovery and a better life. Some say that you are “halfway” to recovery when you live at such a facility, but we make it our goal to ensure you are much farther along thanks to our philosophy and the assistance we offer.

Our houses are based upon a philosophy of personal accountability and family support. This allows you to foster a sense of belonging while following guidelines and regulations that are beneficial to all residents and staff. We make sure that all temptations are removed as we have in place a zero-tolerance policy for anyone breaking the rules.

Recovery is what you make of it, and is only as strong as the effort you put into it combined with the support you receive. When you choose to overcome your addiction at one of our houses, we promise to give you a reliable and stable platform to put forth a determined effort while creating a whole new life for yourself.