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Conveniently-Located Sober Living House in Pasadena, MD

You’ve taken the initial steps to get sober and want to continue on that path. Stepping Stones Recovery Houses can help you with that. Call or email us about a sober living house in Pasadena, MD. Actually, we provide transitional housing throughout the state and the Mid-Atlantic region. Our Pasadena house is right on the bus line, and within walking distance of Severna Park and Ritchie Highway. We make it a point to locate our halfway houses in areas that are close to public transportation and employment opportunities.

Assisting You in Staying Sober

Of course, convenience is not the only benefit in selecting our transitional housing in Maryland. More importantly, we provide the support you need to stay sober. We have a house manager to work with you in maintaining your sobriety, as well as a house full of other people who are in the same situation that you are. You can share your feelings and concerns in the knowledge that others in the house have many of those same challenges before them.

Our house is a safe and structured place to continue your journey of living drug and/or alcohol-free. We offer electronic amenities and tools to aid you in a job search. All this is in addition to our primary purpose -- to assist you in maintaining your sobriety.