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How Working Can Affect Your Life After Sober Housing

At Stepping Stones Recovery Houses, we strive to help our member’s transition seamlessly from sober housing to productive members of society. By partnering with many companies in the local community, we are able to help individuals receive a steady job after their treatments in our sober housing. Although everyone is different in their recovery journey, we feel having a job is a great way to becoming self-sufficient while maintaining a schedule, stability, and sobriety. Below we have outlined specific reasons how working can impact your life in a positive way during your sober path.


Addiction is like a rollercoaster with many ups and downs, making your life unpredictable and unhealthy. Having a steady job creates stability and accountability in your life. A job consists of being accountable for showing up to your shift on time and competent to perform your daily tasks proficiently.


Often overcoming addiction can leave you with feelings of discouragement and isolation. A job can fill your life with a sense of normalcy, making you feel like a productive member of society in your community.

New Relationships

Working in a company can help you build new relationships during your path to sobriety. Having close colleagues allow you to feel a sense of community while working towards a common goal of making your company successful. Creating lasting relationships that can help you overcome your addiction is vital to maintaining your sobriety.

Regaining Self-Esteem

Feeling fragile and having low self-esteem is often common in the recovery stages of your addiction. At our sober housing, we strive to teach healthy ways to overcome feelings of vulnerability and low self-esteem through the act of getting a job. Having a steady position allows you to feel responsible and enables you to feel like you are doing something meaningful with your life. Trying your best and working hard gives you a chance to feel whole and regain your self-esteem that you lost during your substance abuse. 

If you or a loved one wants to learn more about overcoming substance abuse with help from our comfortable sober housing, contact our team today at (888) 513-0222 to ask any questions you may have. It is essential to know it is never too late to seek help for a better life through sobriety.