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Developing an Addiction is Easier Than You Think - Advice from Our Sober Housing in Baltimore, MD

There are many actors that can make a person more susceptible to becoming addicted to one drug over another. Each person is different, and there are far too many factors to give a quick and easy answer as to how easy it is to develop an addiction, which could lead to the need for sober housing in Baltimore, MD.

Multiple factors can include the biological makeup of a person’s body, how sensitive that person may be to any particular drug, and the chemical makeup of the specific drugs themselves. Some people may be able to use a certain drug many times without suffering any negative symptoms, while someone else may take the same drug and have a bad reaction or even overdose the first time they use it. Along those same lines, it is possible for someone to become addicted to a drug the first time they try it, even to the point of needing sober housing, while a different person might never form an addiction to it at all.

Some Drugs Are More Addictive Than Others

There are big differences between the types of drugs available out there. For example, someone may use powdered cocaine and never become addicted to it, but someone else experimenting with crack cocaine or heroin might become addicted the first time they try it.

Tolerance Is a Key Symptom of Addiction

Sober housing professionals will tell you that if a person develops a habit of using a drug, they can slowly build up a tolerance to it, meaning that they no longer get the same "high" they once got with a smaller amount. They might increase the dose or frequency, as they try to get the same "high" they felt in the beginning. Their bodies then become chemically dependent on that drug, meaning they need to take the drug just to feel normal or “leveled out.”